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The Search Process

After 27 years of executing thousands of successful executive searches, we can say with confidence that Nationwide Search Group knows how to expeditiously identify your next top performer.

With a commitment to total client satisfaction, we attack each search with a seven step process that guarantees the results that keep our clients coming back and generating the exclusive relationship we've come to expect in our relationship with them.

When you review our search process what you will notice is it was developed from a Sales Management frame of mind. With over 40 years of combined sales/management and recruiter experience, this process was designed as if we were in your chair today.

Step#1: LISTEN

This step is critical and often missed. We must fully understand what it will take to successfully find the right candidate. This includes developing a search strategy that includes identification of:

  • Required background
  • Geographic reach/travel concerns
  • Core competencies
  • Top 40 source companies
  • Knock out factors
  • Intangibles. i.e. autonomy, work ethic, goal oriented
Step #2: CREATE

Upon entering the job description into our search software we will share all details among our team in each weekly meeting.

  • Compile lists of top 20-30 source companies
  • Thoroughly comb our exclusive detailed database
  • Research lists and intelligence of competitive company information
  • Execute a recruiting strategy
Step #3: CAPTURE

Within 2 days of receiving the search assignment effectively deliver the presentation.

  • Headhunt
  • Recruit from database
  • Approach all from list activity
  • Spoken with at least 20-30 prospects
  • Adjust approach as needed
Step #4: DELIVER

After one week:

  • Conferred with at least 50% of the targeted research base
  • Interviewed at least 10 prospects
  • Deliver 3-5 candidates
  • Determine interview schedule

Upon client's requirements:

  • Confer with 100% of the targeted research base-sources and prospects
  • Schedule all presented candidates for interview
  • Prepare each candidate with company information and bio on who they are to meet and where.
  • Mutually assess the project-if less than excellent:
    • Immediate course-correction strategy session
    • New research approach agreed to
    • Revised research completed
    • Additional new sources and prospects identified
  • Seek response from each candidate after their interview
  • Document reactions and weed out candidates of indifference and offer feedback
  • Determine next step and act accordingly with chosen few.
Step #7: CLOSURE
  • Prepare candidate for final interviews
  • Assure all documentation is in order (i.e documented success, clear driving record, references, degree)
  • Perform reference checks with past employers or clients upon client's request.
  • Thoroughly discuss and cover counter offers or last minute indecision to ensure the candidate will accept if offered the position
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